This Thanksgiving, think outside the pie crust


    At its core, Thanksgiving is a harvest celebration. There’s no pressure to buy lots of gifts, just the promise of gathering with friends and family for a meal. That makes Thanksgiving a time to cook a great feast, and to feature seasonal fare, like apples.

    So versatile, the apple is at home in every course of the meal. This holiday, bedazzle with the basic apple.

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    • November 16th, 2015 -
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    Caramel Apple Crumb Cheesecake


    Fall flavors collide in this delectable dessert of caramel, apples and cheesecake.

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  • Serve Guests Fall Treats with an Apple Twist

    Old Fashioned Ginger Cookies3fd08963-8039-4e52-9b06-39353d16ce6c

    Whether it’s a holiday gathering or tailgating for your favorite football team, U.S. Apple members are finding tasty ways to celebrate National Apple Month by sharing delicious recipes with a healthy apple twist to please all palates.

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  • Baked “Apple Crisp” Apples by The Seaside Baker


    A truly delectable dessert: Warm baked apples topped with bourbon whipped cream, sweet caramel sauce, and crunchy pecans!

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  • KIND Healthy Grains Baked Cheesecake Apple


    Using a Red Delicious and KIND Healthy Grains Cinnamon Oat Clusters with Flax Seeds, Chef Paula Hankin puts a guilt-free twist on an apple cheesecake.

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  • Baked Apples by Chef Adam Weiner

    baked apple_stock-cropped

    Bring the flavors of fall to your kitchen with this classic baked apple recipe from Chef Adam Weiner and JobTrain.

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  • Dive in to Applesauce


    Applesauce pairs well with most meals and can be a healthy substitute for oil when baking.

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  • Featured Apple Variety: McIntosh

    The old world McIntosh was discovered 200 years ago and hasn’t outlived its popularity for snacking and applesauce.

    This well-known variety was discovered by John McIntosh on his farm in 1811. Its deep-red skin sometimes carries a green blush, and its tender white flesh is juicy and tangy-tart.

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  • Help Us Support Schools One Bite at a Time


    This fall, supporting school causes is as easy as taking a bite out of your favorite apple! “Buy an Apple, Help a Student” is a brand-new fundraising program in which the U.S. apple industry and your favorite apple-pairing brands are working together to provide donations to student projects nationwide.

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  • Recipe: Slow Cooker Vanilla Applesauce + Applesauce Toppings Bar


    Think homemade applesauce is only the work of skilled canners and chefs? Think again! If you can cut up apples and put them in the slow cooker, you can master it. Apples are a very special fruit because they contain pectin, a natural thickener. Let the slow cooker gently simmer the apples until they are tender and falling apart, then mash or puree to the desired consistency. For added fun, create an applesauce toppings bar and customize your bowl with your favorite toppings. The possibilities are endless!

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