Dive in to Applesauce


    Applesauce pairs well with most meals and can be a healthy substitute for oil when baking.

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    Featured Apple Variety: McIntosh

    The old world McIntosh was discovered 200 years ago and hasn’t outlived its popularity for snacking and applesauce.

    This well-known variety was discovered by John McIntosh on his farm in 1811. Its deep-red skin sometimes carries a green blush, and its tender white flesh is juicy and tangy-tart.

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  • Help Us Support Schools One Bite at a Time


    This fall, supporting school causes is as easy as taking a bite out of your favorite apple! “Buy an Apple, Help a Student” is a brand-new fundraising program in which the U.S. apple industry and your favorite apple-pairing brands are working together to provide donations to student projects nationwide.

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  • Recipe: Slow Cooker Vanilla Applesauce + Applesauce Toppings Bar


    Think homemade applesauce is only the work of skilled canners and chefs? Think again! If you can cut up apples and put them in the slow cooker, you can master it. Apples are a very special fruit because they contain pectin, a natural thickener. Let the slow cooker gently simmer the apples until they are tender and falling apart, then mash or puree to the desired consistency. For added fun, create an applesauce toppings bar and customize your bowl with your favorite toppings. The possibilities are endless!

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  • Slice of Life: Apples + Back-to-School = A Perfect Equation

    school books

    In today’s busy world, portable snacks are a must so that hungry kids can have something to munch between school and after-school commitments. Don’t worry, apples have your back.

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  • Your Daily Apple for Summer: Grill It or Chill It!


    Over the Flame or from the Fridge: Six Ways to Enjoy Apples this Summer

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  • Ambrosia Apple Pico de Gallo


    A fruity, festive summer salsa to top fresh-from-the-grill meats, chips or fish tacos.

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  • Apple Smoothie with Spice


    An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Try drinking your daily apple in this healthy, dairy-free shake. A delicious blend of sweet and spice, made with almond milk or your milk of choice.

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  • Slice of Life: Just Juice It


    You know it will happen. It’s hot out, you are thirsty and in search of a cold beverage. Skip the sugary drinks. Make the smart choice, and opt for apple juice. Whip up a smoothie or fresh juice, adding apples for a healthy touch of sweetness.

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  • Apple Halibut Kabobs

    Apple Skewers

    Skewer up a delectable combo of apples, onions, red pepper and this perfect-for-the-grill fish.

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